Intuitive Transformational Guidance

How do You Want to be Remembered in this World?

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Transformational guidance (also known as transformational coaching) focuses on helping you to explore the underlying beliefs, personal attitudes, assumptions, values and expectations that shape your experience of yourself, your world and with others.

Just like trying to find the root cause of a physical illness, intuitive transformational guidance sessions with Diane will gently delve in to what is at the heart of keeping you from stepping in to living your best life, no matter where the starting point with your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual health might be.

Unlike most coaching programs, Diane incorporates energetic healing in her sessions. By connecting with Source (Spirit of God, the Divine, the Universe, Life-Force Energy, Holy Spirit), Diane intuitively is able to clear and release stuck or blocked energy which can be the root of any imbalances or dis-eases that we experience in the physical and emotional body. Once these energies are cleared and balanced, we are then able to move forward in life with ease and grace, enhancing our own intuition and fully tapping in to the wisdom of the soul.

You have more power and strength than you may realize to change what is keeping you from fully showing up to how you want to live, who you want to serve and be remembered for in this world!

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Working with Teens

Help Your Teenager to Thrive!

Is your child experiencing social/school anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, isolation, and/or shyness?

As someone who has experienced all of the above in my own life, as well as being a mother to two teenagers and having worked with adolescents over the years, these feelings are very real and as a parent, can be confusing and scary to see your child dealing with. With the high percentages of mental health issues and cost of healthcare that is allocated to them rising, positive transformation, not just therapy, needs to happen!

Counseling and therapy can sometimes be a good place to start for your child, however, most teens identify that they have something “wrong” with them that needs to be fixed when taking this route. Transformational coaching for teens positively impacts and transforms them through compassionate connection; supporting them to create a bridge to reach their highest potential by teaching life skills and practices that cultivate healthy self & body image, joy, hope, healing and community.

Just like having a coach for sports, acting or singing to improve ones ability to excel in these areas, transformational life coaching for teens is an empowering way to set them up for success in their lives. Many mental health professionals now recognize that life coaching for teens is indeed incredibly impactful. With the right system, support, tools, techniques, accountability and motivation, your teenager will begin to thrive rather than just survive.

I would love the opportunity to help empower your child to step into the life of greatness that they were created for. Contact me today to discover if working together would be the best next step for you and your teen.