Transform the Life of Your Organization!

In today’s world, so many students, employees and executives are overwhelmed with not just the busyness and stress of school and/or work, but with life in general. Mental health issues including depression, anxiety, loneliness, anger, and suicide are on the rise, not to mention physical dis-ease. It is challenging and time-consuming enough when one individual struggles with any of these, but can be catastrophic for an organization/community as a whole, whose members are not being well cared for holistically.

In order for individuals and organizations to really thrive holistically, in mind, body and spirit, transformation needs to happen!

Touch for Transformation offers customized programs for your organization that focus on stress relief, increased energy, clarity and focus, self-worth/self-confidence, work/home life balance and mindfulness, which in turn cultivates joy, compassion, self-esteem/self-confidence, community and connection.

We can change culture if we can change behavior.
— Dr. Aubrey Daniels, Founder ADI

As a master of behavior and habit change, Diane delivers programs that are unique in that she provides the right system, support, steps, tools, techniques, accountability and motivation in order for participant’s success to be inevitable.

Contact Diane today to discuss the needs of your organization and discover if partnering together to cultivate a culture and state of well-being within your organization would be the next best step!