“For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light.” Psalm 36:9

Touch for Transformation is about empowering this world to be a better place… one life at a time. It is about touching and transforming the lives of others holistically (mind, body and spirit), through customized and tailored sessions and programs for teenagers and adults, groups and organizations.

We were all created in an image of the Divine and to live a life of greatness. Most often we get caught up in the stress and busyness of life and/or stuck in our stories of limiting beliefs, our fears and anxieties, negative thought patterns and our grief and pain. All of these things can lead us into unhealthy habits as well as set us off course from this birthright.

Touch for Transformation provides the right steps, tools, techniques, support, motivation, and accountability to help you awaken to and re-discover your deepest passions and purpose and offers the space for holistic healing to occur.

NOW is the time to for you or your teenager to feel more confident, energized, vibrant, joyful, passionate and purposeful - this world is ready for you to step in to a life of greatness and for your light to shine brightly!


Diane Stakoe

Diane is a gifted holistic healing guide, facilitator and spiritual counselor. She connects deeply with her own intuition and the energy of the Divine when working with her clients. Her sessions are enlightening and empowering, yet gently guided. Transformational breakthroughs and energetic clearings for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self are what can be expected when working with Diane. By honoring the uniqueness of one’s soul, Diane facilitates restoration and healing of the restless heart; cultivating aliveness, confidence, well-being, balance, peace and joy.

Diane holds a BS degree from the University of Miami, FL School of Communications. She is a certified Health and Life Coach with the Health Coach Institute, An Usui Reiki Master Teacher through Vickie Penninger of The Reiki Channel, a certified Yoga Instructor and Therapist (specializing in trauma-sensitive and adaptive practices) from the Holy Yoga Global Foundation and Anahata Integrated School of Yoga. Diane is also nationally board certified in Massage & Bodywork Therapy and is a certified Stephen Minister.

Since 2006 Diane has worked with hundreds of clients and students and has completed thousands of hours of continuing education credits, focusing on holistic health and wellness practices.

Diane holds volunteer positions as Regional Ambassador of the Southeast for the Holy Yoga Global Foundation, and as a co-HCI Local Leader of the Triangle for the Health Coach Institute.

Diane resides in Raleigh, NC with her husband and two daughters. Aside from spending time with family and friends, she thrives on times of solitude in nature… whether it’s on a local trail, in the mountains, or by the sea… where she can connect deeply to the One through meditative walking, hiking, running, yoga, or just stillness.

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